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What is this space? It's not just a portfolio. It's a collection of my adventures in technology, a testament to my continuous learning and growth. You'll find a showcase of projects I've worked on, updates about the events I'll be attending, and my musings about the intersection of tech, business, and the world around us in my blog and newsletter.

My current fascination? Unraveling the potential of artificial intelligence in business and product. So, stick around, explore a bit, and join me as I navigate this constantly evolving tech landscape. Let's dive into this exciting world of technology together!

Who Am I?

I'm Keeghan McGarry, a New Zealand native now calling Liverpool, England home. I’m a tech enthusiast, chess competitor, and the mastermind behind many a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. But let's dive a little deeper into the mix.

One of my core beliefs is that tech should be as much about people as it is about coding. It's this guiding philosophy that's seen me through over a decade in the industry, starting in software engineering and evolving into roles where tech and people intersect. Whether it’s bringing a data-driven mindset to a growing startup, or writing code for a chess training website that’s been embraced by hundreds of users - I love getting my hands dirty and seeing the impact of my work.

I believe in jumping in and figuring things out along the way. My journey has taught me that success isn't about avoiding failure, but about learning, adapting, and growing from it. But it's not all about the work. Just as I love adding a dash of tech to my D&D campaigns, I'm all about blending creativity and strategy in my professional life too. It's this balance that keeps me ticking.

What's next on the horizon? I see a future filled with AI, a role as a CTO, a portfolio of small businesses running tech I’ve crafted, and hopefully a lot more public speaking. Through it all, I’ll keep asking the big questions, pushing boundaries, and having a blast along the way.

So, if you’re looking for the short version, here it is - I’m a tech-loving, chess-playing, never-satisfied kind of guy, always ready for the next adventure. Let’s see where the journey takes us!!


Welcome to my sandbox, a playground where curiosity meets code! This is where I let my ideas run wild, bringing together passions, experiments, and some pretty nifty tech. From integrating AI into business strategies, to sprinkling a dash of technology into the world of chess and D&D, my personal projects are a testament to my exploration of the tech world.

Dive in and discover a collection of passion projects and innovative solutions. Each tile you see here tells a story of learning, experimentation, and success. They represent the journey, the breakthroughs, and the moments when an idea becomes a reality. So, get ready to explore - there's a whole world of creation waiting for you!

Talks & Events

While this section may be empty for now, it represents an exciting frontier that I'm eagerly exploring. I have a strong desire to connect with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts through speaking engagements, conferences, and events.

Stay tuned as this space will soon be filled with updates on upcoming talks, workshops, and conferences where you can catch me sharing my expertise on various topics, ranging from technology trends and business strategies to the convergence of AI and everyday life. Together, let's embark on a journey of learning, collaboration, and inspiration.

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